LosAngelesLofts.com is a boutique unique properties sales firm. In order to provide our sellers with the attention and service they deserve, we only work with 4 loft sellers at one time. Please do not hesitate to contact us for availability since we are always happy to meet loft owners and see their unique spaces. If we are unable to help you, we can refer you to other loft companies that handle larger numbers of sellers.

Josh Buxbaum of LosAngelesLofts.com:

“The fact that I have been the seller’s agent on countless loft transactions is just as important as the fact that I have been the actual seller in numerous real estate deals. I have a deep understanding of the seller perspective in a real estate transaction and incorporate that experience into every step of the sales process. Our model of working with only 4 loft sellers at a time allows us to give you and your unique property the attention it deserves to get it sold quickly and at the highest price the market will support.”

Quick overview of some key steps:

Market Evaluation:  We recognize that every loft is special and unique. For this reason we visit all potential listings and document every last detail before presenting you with our proposed pricing. We will provide you with a detailed market analysis of recently sold properties in your area and help you to arrive at an accurate and realistic asking price for your loft.

Preparing for Sale:  We will work closely with you to prepare your loft for sale and attract the highest offers we can. Often times, simple improvements can add thousands of dollars to the value of your loft. A fresh coat of paint, thorough cleaning and excellent lighting may be all that you need. In certain cases, staging a loft can yield great results. We work closely with a few staging designers who can help make your loft picture perfect for its sale if necessary. Once your home is ready, we will have it professionally photographed and do what we do best..marketing your loft.

Marketing:  Loft buyers are typically web savvy and do most of their research online before stepping foot into your loft space. When a potential buyer visits the #1 search engine in the world, Google, and types Los Angeles Lofts, Hollywood Lofts, West Hollywood Lofts, Santa Monica Lofts, Venice Lofts, etc, our site will typically come up first. This traffic translates into thousands of monthly visitors viewing your featured loft for sale. The presentation of your loft will always be in its best light with professional photography, a virtual tour, and various high end marketing pieces. We take great pride in the look and feel of all of our marketing materials so that we can attract the most qualified buyers who will pay the most for your property.

Not only do thousands of buyers visit our site regularly but we have the tools and resources to instantly disseminate your loft listing to our database of loft buyers as well as all Los Angeles realtors. In addition to the web, we mail postcards to our extensive contacts featuring our new loft listings. We also run La Times Weekend ads. Although every loft is unique, the systems we implement to sell them are not. We have spent over 10 years fine tuning our marketing plan to generate the most exposure for your loft to the right audience.

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Short Sales:

If you want or need to sell your loft, but it’s worth less than the amount remaining on your mortgage, a short sale may allow you to sell your home and settle your mortgage debt. By completing a short sale rather than allowing your loft to go through foreclosure, you avoid eviction and your property will not be sold at a public sale or auction. Plus, depending on your circumstances, you could qualify for financial assistance to help with relocation costs. We are very familiar with the short sale process and have worked with many of the major banks to close successful short sale transactions. If you are considering a short sale, please contact us to discuss further.

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